I know that some people who read the title of this post will think that it’s fairly obvious, but looking at the state of play at the moment in Australia (and even globally to an extent) I don’t think that it is that obvious.  Leadership is not a passive activity, it takes courage and action, and even more so when you would like to be the one who leads an entire country.

Why is it that we are a country divided at the moment?  Is it because we are truly a country divided?  Or is it more likely that we have no political leader who has the courage to stand up and clearly state (and have us believe) what they stand for, and where they want to take the country?

I am a keen follower of politics, and what I have noticed is that over the last 7 weeks of the election campaign is the majority of noise coming our way is why we shouldn’t vote for someone else, and to me that just doesn’t cut it from a leadership perspective.  Great leaders don’t have disdain for opposition, they embrace it.  A true vision requires opposition, for a robust debate will result in the formation of a rock solid strategy, a strategy that is owned by the people and facilitated by the leader.

I like most people have my political beliefs and have definitely voted for one side most of my life, but I would definitely follow a leader from the other side who is willing to stake their reputation on their vision, and clearly tell me where we are going and why it is essential that we go in that direction.  It’s been a long time since we have had a leader who is happy to lose an election on their convictions, and I fear that until we have another such leader we will remain a country not necessarily divided, but definitely without direction.

So will someone please stand up and lead!