1. I agree to abide by the Leaders in Technology Creed of Membership & I agree to actively participate in all meetings whilst keeping all discussions and conversations absolutely confidential.

2. I understand that Leaders in Technology’s role is to provide peer connection, stand-out mentors and world class resources to help me become a revered leader.

3. I acknowledge that Leaders in Technology, its Chairs, employees, Speakers and members of my group will offer their comments and suggestions about any concerns and issues only in order to stimulate analysis and discussion. It will be my sole responsibility to evaluate the value, suitability and accuracy of any such comment and/or suggestion given prior to me acting or relying upon them. Leaders in Technology, its Chairs, employees, Speakers and members each expressly disclaim any duty of care or liability to any person including, without limitation, myself arising out of reliance on anything said or represented by any of them.

4. I agree and understand that I am solely responsible for the outcome of my actions and decisions resulting from any discussion, comment or suggestions. To the extent permitted by law I release each of Leaders in Technology, its chairs, employees, speakers and other members from all liability and responsibility in any way for any loss arising at any time as a result of any reliance on any representation or suggestion made to me or anything else that is said or occurs at a LIT function, including, without limitation, claims for negligence. The releases in this paragraph are ongoing and survive termination of this agreement.

5. Any information divulged by members of any Leaders in Technology group to me is their confidential information and should NEVER be divulged by me to any third parties including without limitation the company or its employees. To the extent that I divulge any confidential information of Leaders in Technology or its groups, I have Leaders in Technology’s consent to do so. Leaders in Technology acknowledges that all member information is confidential between Leaders in Technology and the member unless there is prior written arrangement between both parties.

6. I consent to the recording by Leaders in Technology, of all speaker sessions of meetings run by Leaders in Technology. I further acknowledge and agree that Leaders in Technology may upload a copy of the speaker session recording to their resource library. All members and chairs of groups, will have access to view (but not download) these sessions, strictly for their personal and confidential use. I acknowledge that no copies can be made and that the contents has confidential information and may contain trade secrets.

7. I agree to pay by direct debit, all published fees either quarterly or annually. (Schedule 2)

8. I agree to provide ninety (90) days written notice if I intend to discontinue my membership. I acknowledge that I am liable for fees to the end of that 90 day notice period.

9. I agree Leaders in Technology may, in its absolute discretion, cancel my membership and terminate this agreement by giving me 90 days’ written notice. My membership may also be terminated by Leaders in Technology with a 7 days written notice if Leaders in Technology considers I have breached the creed of membership.

10. The obligations of confidentiality in this agreement are ongoing and survive its termination

11. This agreement becomes effective once the signed application form has been received, assessed and an invitation has been issued and accepted.