Our aim is to create a positive impact on individuals, organisations and society.  We believe that great leaders are the foundation of any successful venture because provided with the right vision, strategy, inspiration and motivation, individuals and teams can and will achieve phenomenal results.  We empower our members to become great leaders by taking them out of their comfort zone whilst resourcing them to think and act differently.  Our programs are designed to cater for all levels of leader (emerging, middle, senior and executive) from all industry sectors.  With programs that have  distinctly different delivery models we cater for all organisational requirements and budgets.

LiT Workshops

Leadership and Functional Groups

Sometimes organisations need to address broad leadership gaps. To this end we have taken some of the units that comprise LiT Groups and LiT Action Committees and have developed a series of workshops that can be delivered to audiences of 5 to 50 people.  These workshops are delivered either as stand alone seminar style event or as a series delivered over a period of time. 

Working together with our clients we conduct an analysis and build a program of workshops that caters to the specific organisational requirements.  As with all of our programs LiT Workshops are purposefully implementation based so that your leadership team can retain information and immediately reap the rewards.

  • Cover multiple leadership topics specific to your needs
  • Delivered internally to your entire leadership group/s
  • Either one off or a series delivered in an extended period.

LiT Groups

Emerging / Junior Leaders

We understand that the first foray into a leadership role can be daunting without the right guidance, support and development. LiT Groups is all about harnessing the energy of the next generation of leaders and providing them with a leadership toolkit that they can utilise at any point in their journey.

Members are exposed in an interactive setting to real-world ideas and experience of CEOs, Executives and proven leaders from all walks of life. Coupled with activities designed to cement the knowledge they have just learned, they leave each group meeting with actionable items that can be implemented immediately. Members are accountable to the group thereby gaining peer support like no other as they embark on their transformational leadership journey

  • Each Lit Group meets every 2 months and has a dedicated chairman to direct the curriculum
  • Intimate access to transformational leaders
  • Members build a network of peers for support and accountability

LiT Action Committees

Middle / Senior / Executive Leaders

Leadership is a journey with many twists and turns, it’s vital at every step of this journey to continue to learn and grow.  LiT Action Committees is our flagship program specifically designed for people already in leadership positions.

LiT Action Committees consists 3 pillars:

Design Thinking forms the core of the framework and allows the focus on transformational leadership to be integrated predominantly into the activities rather than delivered from a purely academic point-of-view.

Members are provided with an EQ-i2.0 Leadership 360 emotional intelligence assessment to determine their strengths, emotional intelligence quotient and current leadership competency. Additionally, members receive bespoke coaching throughout the year-long program so that progress is realised incrementally.

We know that mentoring plays a significant role in the success and growth of all leaders, within the LiT Action Committees mentoring triads are formed to teach, hone and further develop each member’s leadership qualities.

“Action” is the keyword in LiT Action Committee. Each monthly meeting is not simply a one-off listen-and-learn session. To get the most effective outcome, members apply their learning with action in each session, collectively working to solve real world social problems with various Not For Profit Organisations.

  • Design Thinking
  • Transformational Leadership Development
  • Emotional Intelligence assessment and coaching
  • Recognition of all achievements through Be Collective