Over the last few months, I have had the absolute pleasure of working with some people to help them advance their career through individual coaching. The first step that I take with each person is to have them think about what they want to do in the long term; What is their ideal role, what industry they want to work in, what companies they would love to work for. They create a vision and then we develop out a strategy for achieving these goals. I want them to be able to see, hear and feel what it is like to achieve these goals before they even set out on the journey, so from the very first step they take they go after it with everything they have.

The greatest pleasure that I have is watching these people execute the plans we have put in place and seeing the results that have manifested from their actions.

Those close to me know that the last month has presented some significant challenges, I had been let down by someone I trusted, I had my desire to be in business challenged and I had days where I just thought what is the point. Out of the blue one of the people who I class as a mentor gave me a call and when we caught up the next day, he made me realise that I had not been practicing what I preached. He asked me to go back to basics, examining my core vision – what did I want to achieve in life and in business, what impact did I want to have on the world, and most importantly what did I want to spend my time doing.

When I was able to remove myself from all emotions, the answers started flowing. I realised that my reason for being was to be of service, to help people develop in their lives and careers, most importantly to develop great leaders. I could see my vision clearly, I could feel what it was like to achieve the goals and I knew the hard decisions that needed to be made.