Usually when a federal election swings around everyone seems to have an opinion on how the country should be run. This election is a little different, the rhetoric flying around from people who fall on each side of the political spectrum seems to be in overdrive and I think I know why.

A precursor, this article is my opinion, I have strong opinions, however I love it when someone has an opposing opinion and can respectfully talk me through their ideas and perhaps we will change each others mind, perhaps we won’t OR and this is where the magic happens, perhaps we will have a clash of ideas be able to accept some points of view not others and all of us can form a new opinion that is stronger than any of the singular original ideas.

Back to my opinion. I think that we are sorely lacking leadership in this country. When I say this I have my own opinion where that lack is coming from (hint: There is a party in power at the moment), however when I look at the opposition most of the time I think to myself well I think they’ll be better than the current mob, but I’m not convinced of the leadership that exists there either.

That is until the last week, when I saw a plan put forward to have 50% of cars sold by 2030 electric vehicles. I personally believe that this is a goal worth working towards. I know there are many arguments against, i.e. it will still pollute because we still use coal, the amount of energy that goes into making them outweighs that short term benefit. I get it, I also think that over the next 20 – 30 years the cost and benefits of renewables will become astronomically small and future generations will look back on us the same as we look back on those of the industrial revolution.

I digress, because this article isn’t about that target, it’s about a vision. It’s about aspiration. It’s about putting Australia ahead of the rest. It’s about giving us an aspiration that we can get behind, because we have the minds and the will in this country to knock these Big Hairy Audacious Goals out of the park. It got me sitting up straight, thinking OK how do we do this. However I then watched The Kenny Report on Sky news (he is a right wing commentator, that I disagree with vehemently, however re-read my second paragraph).

Chris Kenny laughed at the policy, he scoffed at it and said it was a joke that Australia should lead the world in anything. He even used the term little old Australia. He said we should leave it to Belgium or Japan (I don’t know why he picked those two countries) to lead the world. This is the opinion of so many commentators on anything aspirational that is thrown up by progressive types, and frankly it grates me like nothing else.

Recently we had a CEO speak to one of our LiT Action Committees, and he used the expression without aspiration there is no hope, and he used that to inspire the people in his company to achieve greatness within themselves and for the company, this has seen them move from number 5 in their market to number 1. He explained that we need something to work towards, it needs to be big enough that it inspires people to pick up the baton and run harder and faster. Along with a strategy to achieve it, it must also have intermittent goals that can be celebrated along the way. Then when you do achieve that big long term goal you can set a new one even bigger because you have the people on the bus who know that they can achieve greatness.

So give us a goal to work towards as a country, give us a strategy, and give us some intermittent markers that will show us we are heading in the right direction. The diversity of Australian people is what makes us great, give us leadership so that we can use that to lead the world and they can then look at little old Australia as the shinning light.